Advanced Matrix Decoding. Upgraded.

Advanced Matrix Decoding.

Upgraded 6 Week Virtual Course


We are living in unprecedented times. It is clear for many of us to see that the controllers are imposing wide spread mind control campaigns across the globe. What once used to be a subtle dark art has rapidly escalated into a rampant technological takeover. Everyone and everything is affected. In this course you will learn how to begin deprogramming the entrainment that you have been born into. This is the work that the controllers fear you will learn. Because this is the work that begins to give you back your autonomy and true power.

Awareness brings about powerful change and an assurance that your strength and power is truly authentic for you.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It can be triggering. This course is definitely empowering and provocative.

Our world is steeped in cognitive dissonance. We all experience it. This cognitive dissonance is a major reason why we are not truly aware of what is really going on. If you are dedicated to truth then this is what you are required to understand, in one way or another. This is what this world is currently made of. And you deserve to know the truth.

It is the only thing that will set your Spirit free. So, let's get to it.

Spiritual Warriors, Mount Up!

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