Intuitive Soul Advancement

In order to accomplish our goals, we must apply change to that which has not been achieved.”

-Tony Robbins-


Curating Consciousness by advancing the technology of the soul.


Offering you attunement to your Spirit.


This is a fresh approach to Shadow Work.


Shadow Work is the practice of becoming aware and integrating the aspects of the subconscious self. (Carl Jung)



Shadow Work is a requirement for Self-Realization and Emotional Freedom. This is a layered process.


Using Emotional Excavation Techniques, we will free you from energetic bondage that is prevalent in all people.


We will discover the origin points of your trauma and heal this through soul recall and integration.


This is a fast track to accessing Intuitive Soul Advancement.


Welcome to A Renaissance of Spirit!


Let’s Create a Spirit Based Culture Together.


Each session incorporates energetic clearing and grounding with clairvoyant connection to your soul essence. Your higher guides communicate and specify unique areas that require healing, updating and clearing in order for your heart-aligned desired outcomes to manifest into tangible reality, no matter your chosen area of focus. These sessions are individually designed by your soul, higher self and guides in accordance with what changes you require to achieve alignment with your highest divine path. 

I will then offer a breakdown of the concepts offered by your guides. A new perspective will be presented so you can apply the concepts in a practical way to your everyday life.

Each healing is recorded for your listening purposes. 

All healings are multilayered. Listening to your recorded session after you have integrated and processed is highly advised.

  • Emotional Excavation Techniques

  • Past/Present/Future lives/Parallel realities/Dimensionality transmutation and reverse engineering 

  • Soul fragment retrieval

  • Clearing/Integrating karmic contracts/Karmic chords/Soul groups/Soul family

  • Upgrading timelines

  • Release outdated belief systems thought forms

  • Clearing genetic karma/Family lineage upgrades

  • Transmuting pain body/Trauma/Shadow body/Emotions    

  • Creating protections for astral, emotional, mental, sexual body

  • Astral travel

  • Training for all types of metaphysical techniques and ESP access 

  • Education on awareness processes and universal law

  • Removal of etheric implants, interference, miasma, etc.

  • Realignment with sacred sovereignty 

  • Multidimensional upgrades and transmutations 

  • Frequential technology