About Chloe

Thank you for visiting my site. In 2004 I received a subconscious soul calling to leave my home in Texas, USA and journey to Hawaii, USA. At age 21 I began studying multiple modalities of metaphysics, spirituality and holistic health practices. I partnered with a gifted clairvoyant from Greece and began a yearlong intensive of Galactic healings, intuitive channeling and continual (past) life clearing. We also worked with upgrading the energy and karmic body. In 2005 I began a channeling practice that focused on communicating with animals. As I became more proficient and confident in my abilities, I expanded my practice to service humans with intuitive channeling and soul healing. I continued practicing metaphysics and expanding my knowledge base. In 2014 I began offering intuitive channeling and soul healing full time. I have now transitioned into offering telepathic communications and Intuitive Soul Advancement sessions, coaching, teaching, training and group events.

I practice what I preach. I receive healings, upgrades and transmutations through my own abilities and through several healers that offer unique modalities that are different to mine. I am always open to and exploring other peoples' offerings. I love my work. This is currently the most efficient way I have to offer my services and love to the all that is and service to others.


Currently, I live a nomadic lifestyle. I am working remotely. I am open to bringing my work anywhere that calls me. I change locations every week or 2. I am expanding my adventures and experiences for my personal pleasure and benefit. I desire to offer everyone who synchronizes with me an expansion of joy and freedom through my offerings around the world. Feel free to reach out if you would like me to journey to your area and offer my work. Blessings.

Photo By: 

Eliza Paul