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About Chloe

At age 21, I began studying multiple modalities of metaphysics, spirituality and holistic health practices. I partnered with a gifted clairvoyant from Greece and began a year long intensive of energy-based healings, intuitive channeling and past life clearings. We also worked with upgrading the Chakras and karmic body.


In 2005, I began a channeling practice that focused on communicating, primarily, with animals. As I became more proficient and confident in my abilities, I expanded my practice to service humans with intuitive channeling and soul healing. I continued practicing metaphysics and expanding my knowledge base.


In addition, I became a Certified massage therapist and had a steady practice for 8 years. Massage and anatomical continuing education taught me how trauma, physiologically, stores in our body and how it can be manually released.


In 2014, I began offering intuitive channeling and soul healing full time.


I have now transitioned into offering telepathic communications and Intuitive Soul Advancement sessions, coaching, teaching, training and group events.


It is my pleasure and honor to impart my 20 years of knowledge to those who are interested in metaphysics and shadow work.

I am dedicated to deprogramming the cognitive dissonance that has been imposed upon society and people of interest.


I do not consent to the covert entrapment of humanity.​

Differentiating what is authentic Spirit and what is corrupt is my forever focus and exploration.

I practice what I preach.

I receive healings and transmutations through my own abilities and through other healers that offer unique and different modalities to mine.  I have a mentor. Her name is Lauda Leon, of She is a matriarch of Quantum knowledge.

I am diligent on expanding my knowledge base. Even though I have been immersed in metaphysics and shadow work for 20 years, I am just starting to scratch the surface on my more expanded (multi density) truth of self because this is the allusive design of consciousness.

I believe that having a mentor and peers that consistently challenge me to continue my subconscious exploration, is imperative to Soul expansion.


I love my work. One reason that I am proficient at what I offer is because I am meticulous with my personal shadow work, the revealing of my hidden self, loop patterns and trauma.


This work is currently the most efficient way I know how to offer support to myself and others. 

A hui hou.


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Photo By: 

Eliza Paul


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