Reverse Engineering Timelines

A 5 Week Virtual Course.


Quantum Physics has shown that the future can affect the past. This is called the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser and also The Double Slit Experiment.

While Reverse Engineering Timelines we implement in depth Shadow Work and soul fracture retrieval to timeline shifting. We utilize astral projection shadow integration to help alter the timeline focused on from the perspective of you as the experiencer.

This course will assist you to integrate the soul fragments that you may still be carrying around by releasing the strongholds of trauma experienced in various points of time-space/ space-time.

The soul will loop this trauma.

This is an echo of the original fracture.

These Soul shards scattered throughout your existence. They imprint on your everyday life and hinder progress and expansion. They also attract similar experiences that are undesirable into your reality.

By learning Reverse Engineering Timelines, you can help integrate these pieces back into your soul to create more cohesion and release karmic patterns and loop cycles that are repeating in your experience.

These are often bringing in the same types of people, the same types of feelings or outcomes.

In this course we will clear karmic contracts, changing and sealing, abolishing or amending agreements. We will learn what memory transference is and how to utilize the zero point of now moment in the causal plane in order to achieve these outcomes.

We will dive into the tool of time, how time is perceived and how it alters dependent on the dimension or the reality from which it is being experienced in.

I will help to explain how our future timelines are also being created as our past. Therefore we can collapse and expand time in order to alter and shift our experiences, our lessons and these outcomes, as we see fit, through heart aligned desires.

Let's clarify the difference between linear time and quantum time using certain concepts. We will also work to be able to clarify the difference between a holographic inserted reality or timeline in an authentic experience.

Reverse Engineering Timelines also begins to show how the techniques of Inception in dream time have been utilized. I will explain to you memory transference and how this can assist you and how it can also be used to harm you.

Please Join me in this interactive and in-depth experience into shifting your experiences through multidimensional applications.