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This comprehensive 4-week course offers a deep dive into the astral realms and understanding dreamscapes. Your subconscious lives within the etheric planes. This gives you access to the level of your reality that is veiled by your waking state.

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In this 6 week course, we explore how to ensure protection and access to your Spirit through the conduit of sex and relationships. Your sexual body is a portal into multi dimensional realms. And your relationships are the key to that Stargate.


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In this 6 week course, you will learn how to correct the mistakes and trauma of your soul. In turn, allowing your soul to integrate and recover from stagnant pain and outdated patterns.Quantum Physics proves that Reverse Engineering Timelines alters the events that we interact with, whether past, present, future, alternate or parallel, etc.

In this course you will learn and/or up level your abilities to understand the myriad of ways psychic attacks happen.   

You will understand how to counter, combat, dissipate, and deflect. 

You will learn the Universal Laws of energetic responsibility and how to implement them. 

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Psychic Self Defense is imperative in order to protect yourself in all avenues of your life. In this 5 week course

you will learn and/or uplevel your abilities to understand the myriad of ways psychic attacks happen.

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Everything is frequency. When you can read and synthesize these frequency signatures within everything you can understand the truth of what you are dealing with. In this 6 week course, you will learn to look beyond the presentation of something and decipher the frequencies that are within it.


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In this 6 week course you will learn how to begin deprogramming the entrainment that you have been born into. Cognitive dissonance is a major reason why we are not truly aware of. This is the work that begins to give you back your autonomy and true power. We take a deep dive into the hidden mind control of our societies and world.

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Often, the youth are more proficient at energetic play than adults, once they learn the foundational properties of frequency.

They will learn the basic energy hygiene practices of grounding, clearing and protecting themselves. This fun and interactive virtual playground is meant to empower the youth and help them feel understood and validated in their intuitive experiences.


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6 Course Bundle

Whether you are preparing for the Intuitive Soul Advancement Certification or fast tracking your metaphysical education, this bundle will definitely expand your consciousness with a 15% discount! 

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Enjoy affordable access to 8 Quantum Access Pods!

15% OFF

This group is designed to develop your connection with Spirit as second nature. We will practice attuning to your Quantum.

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