Class 3 focused on combining the lessons of the past 2 classes and activating the electromagnetic field.


This brings awareness and command of your innate charge.


If we are in tune with how our energy cycles then we can wield the pwer it creates. We can also be aware of when it is being syphoned.



Would you like to connect with a conscious group while refining your connection to Spirit?

Here is a weekly and affordable option to experience a community of people who are accessing their quanta.

Are the statements "Know Thyself" and "You are All That Is" theoretical to you?
Experiencing this as your truth is profoundly different than thinking it is so.

This group is designed to develop your connection with Spirit as second nature. We will practice attuning to your Quantum.

The more proficient you are at navigating your multidimensional self, the more home in Self you will become.

When the Sacred Union of Self and Spirit is Re Membered and consummated, your access into Quantum becomes unquantifiable. And that consummation offers exponential expansion.

I would love to connect with you and explore our super powers together. :)

Modalities Used: Visualization, lecture, astral projection, Emotion Code, Body Code, Shadow Work, Reading Frequency Signatures, Clair Access

QAP. Activation Breathing Techniques